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Mining Commodities Company Overview

We offer a growing number of clients a dedicated trading, consulting and brokerage services in different commodities: coltan, gold, diamond, copper, cobalt, manganese, coal, chrome and other precious stones and metals that can be found in DR Congo.
As part of this service, we provide detailed information on the market situation in order to keep customers abreast of daily developments in the market, which could influence their buying or selling decisions. Interpoles Agency ensures the well-being of its partners and customers in Congolese soil by considering all the details from their arrival until the day of departure.
Our goal is to further entrench ourselves as a leading force in trading of commodities of Congolese origin, including diamond, gold, copper, cobalt, coltan, manganese, coal, chrome and various precious stones and metals.
"Diamond and Gold"
We have in-depth knowledge of the diamond and gold market in DR Congo and believe to be able to satisfy any client and deal with any offer.
In DRC diamonds are of very good quality, there are many stones of different shapes and colors. Diamond mining sites are concentrated in Kasai-Oriental, near Mbuji-Mayi, and in Kasai-Occidental, but also in Bas-Congo, Bandundu, Orientale Province, Maniema and Ecuador Province in DRC. In Mbuji Mayi, about 85% of the production is industrial grade.
Gold is mined all over eastern Congo, the Oriental province and Katanga with a naturally very high purity.
We collaborate with several structures of gold miners who provide us with significant quantities of gold according to the orders from our clients and, at the record time
"The Katanga Mining and Coltan in the East"
The province of Katanga holds a large part of Congolese reserves of copper, cobalt, Manganese and other precious metals. Every day, to see up and down a number of trucks laden with metals, leading to Durban for exportation. The eastern part of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) is extremely rich in Coltan (Columbite-Tantalite), a rare metallic ore used for the production of electronic goods of mass consumption, such as mobile phones, laptops and videogame consoles, whose profits have fuelled the largest conflict in modern African history.

Getting to Another Level of Business

Mining operation in Haut Katanga, DR Congo.

Getting to Another Level of Business

A city in the mining site of Fungurume, DR Congo.

Getting to Another Level of Business

Coltan in the East of the DR Congo.

i@ La Grandeur de l'Imagination

We trade and help clients to re-imagine their business functions to navigate change, and accelerate growth in mining and commodities sectors. Our knowledgeable and experienced team develop innovative, practical solutions to meet our global clients’ unique needs and financial objectives throughout the mining lifecycle. Our expertise in mining places us at the forefront of the industry. We are readily available with an international service.

Action is the foundational key to all success.

We have great expertise in trading mining and commodities from DR Congo, Zambia, Angola, South Africa and other countries in Africa. We have a well established business structure and platforms where we source products for our clients and partners. We do trading, brokerage and consultancy to assist our clients and partners by providing an effective service. Interpoles Agency has appointed consultants and agents mandated to reputably represent the company by developing contacts and identifying business opportunities in their respective areas or countries; to name Mr. Germain Kabamba in Zambia, Mr. Brice Zobi in Cape Town, Mr. Renias Ngara in Harare ( Zimbabwe), Mr. Guy Musonda in Lubumbashi (DR Congo), Mr. Ladi Landu and Doudou Manzi in Kinshasa (DR Congo), Mme Jolie Mdila in USA, Jean Marie Céphas in France, Antonio Zola in Angola, Jacques Senghor in Goma (DR Congo). A strategic partnership with Mss. Joyce Nomangezi who have been instrumental in managing the business process in South Africa. Interpoles Agence have created business alliances with other world leading organizations to maximize business opportunities.


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