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IT Solution


IT support company


An IT support company, we have always focused our efforts on providing IT services to small and medium-sized businesses, which rely on the outsourcing of their IT support and also EXTRAT-DIMENSIONS projects.

Our approach is simple: it is to provide business solutions and proactive management of technology that help move companies forward! We understand that each company is unique in the configuration of its networks, and we respond with particularity to the needs of each company by customizing our services to reflect your unique vision and strategic objectives, by providing our support that will be clearly recognized by the business. Our main goal is to provide "complete outsourcing" to companies that do not want to hire and manage their own IT support team. One of our other services is to provide "co-sourcing" services to companies with their own internal IT team, but want to release them to focus on more strategic business goals. If you are looking for a Cloud, Technology or IT Outsourcing partner, we have a passionate team that is passionate about providing exceptional service! We use advanced programming and offer a smart system to respond to the whims of your business because different types of companies, we have different solutions to offer but generally in other African’s countries where there is problem of IT management companies, an intelligent accounting system, security system and personnel management, monitoring system and a record system for control. We offer magnetic doors system with smartcards for the safety of your offices, businesses, hotels, etc. A registration system with finger print working anytime and anywhere, capturing and data management and storage, networking using servers, a very advanced verification system, custom application development, etc. You can be busy with your business, outsourcing your computer worries could be the solution you are looking for and we are at your disposal.




- Pioneer of innovation of products and services.
- Analysis of the unique requirements of our clients
- Develop and manufacture required products
- Concentrate on transactions of value with the primary emphasis being on securing the integrity of these transactions.
- Programming, monitoring and record system
- Computer Repairs, software installation and networking service.



For the purpose of remote registration of the public Agents, members of the organization or for any other purposes (voter registration), we have developed the portable “registration suitcase”.
In order to guarantee the integrity of the social security, pension, agents, population or any community’s system it is of paramount significance to verify the identity of the beneficiary.
Meticulously designed and purpose built, the “registration suitcase” comprises a PC, battery back-up, keyboard and display, biometric scanner, IC chip card reader/writer, camera and printer.

The “registration suitcase” is used for the registration process including the capturing of the biometric templates and photograph of the beneficiary. The beneficiary card is produced on an external card printing terminal with photograph and data embedded into the IC Chip.





- Transparency and Integrity in everything we do.
- Confidentiality and Security of information.
- The commitment to carry out the project under agreed conditions and at the record time.
- Dedicated to providing a solution that works well for the customer.







Our Offices


Johannesburg – Afrique du Sud


40, Third Street, La Rochelle 2190
Johannesburg – South Africa
+27 719661350



Kinshasa – RD Congo


Nº 2 Avenue Père Boka
Commune de la Gombe
Kinshasa – RD Congo
+243 81 919 4094
+243 89 960 4200



Sidney – Australia


176 george street
New South Wales 2000
Sidney – Australia