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Fuel Trading and consulting


Petroleum Company Overview

Interpoles Agency is a private company based in the Republic of South Africa. The Company's goal is to further consolidate itself as a leading force in the "middle" and "downstream" sectors of the oil and gas industry. We are operating in the consultancy, trading and distribution of fuel in Africa and around the world. Together with our partner suppliers in oil and gas sectors and refineries, we are able to provide you with the products of your choice and deliver them to the desired destination at a very competitive price.
Our success has been based on uncompromising honesty, integrity, reliability, flexibility, customer orientation, quality, value and timing and we will continue to base our business on these principals going forward.
We are fuel consultant, wholesaler, distributor and service provider. We’re a young, innovative and ever-expanding company. All our ventures are driven by a passionate, entrepreneurial spirit and the desire to meet people’s needs. We’re reliable, hands on and committed to quality service – 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Fuel products that we provide in accordance with the standards and specifications set by the governments from major Oil Refineries and supplies customers across the world as per volume requirements. As consultants, we are applied strategists who incorporate proven strategic principles at the problem-solving level. Strategies that manage daily operations while moving your organization forward. Our consultants look beyond the immediate needs, continuously exploring ways to achieve goals and improve capabilities.

Getting to Another Level of Business

In the project to build a modern fuel modular plant in DR Congo. After a fruitful meeting with the hydrocarbone board in the presidency of the republic.

Fuel Business Trading

Signing a contract to supply fuel in the DR Congo. The meeting was helded in Johannesburg, Sandton City.

Logistics and Transportaion of Fuel.

We provide full service in fuel delivery in both road and sea.

i@ La Grandeur de l'Imagination

Interpoles Agency has appointed consultants and agents mandated to reputably represent the company by developing contacts and identifying business opportunities in their respective areas or countries; to name Mr. Germain Kabamba in Zambia, Mr. Brice Zobi in Cape Town, Mr. Renias Ngara in Harare ( Zimbabwe), Mr. Guy Musonda in Lubumbashi (DR Congo), Mr. Ladi Landu and Doudou Manzi in Kinshasa (DR Congo), Mme Jolie Mdila in USA, Jean Marie Céphas in France, Antonio Zola in Angola, Jacques Senghor in Goma (DR Congo). A strategic partnership with Mss. Joyce Nomangezi who have been instrumental in managing the business process in South Africa. Interpoles Agence have created business alliances with other world petroleum leading companies to maximize business opportunities.

“Action is the foundational key to all success.”

We are specialized in the brokerage, marketing and supply of petroleum related products across the globe. Our services connect potential Buyers of Diesel 50 ppm/500 ppm, D2, D6, Petrol Ron 95/Ron 93, ULP 95/ULP 93, Mazout M100, Jet Fuel A1/JP54, Crude Oil, LPG, LNG, Paraffin,... with reliable suppliers or refineries.



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Interpoles Agency combines different approaches with practical industry knowledge to help clients meet challenges and respond to opportunities.

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