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Media Company


A media company that informs, educates, entertains and connects people. We aim to provide engaging content and creative solutions to enrich life, help people to know more, to do more and to live inspired. Video Production Studio, Music Recording Studio, Online TV Broadcasting and Online News Programs are available


Video Production


We offer our customers a complete service, from pre-production (Conception, script), production (filming), to post-production (editing and duplication of media). We produce video portraits for companies, documentaries, music video clips, video ads, 3d and 4d animation, logo, wedding video collection, birthday, conferences and other ceremonies, events and shows.
We record in 8K, 6K, 4K, HD, HDV, STANDARD FORMAT and the output can be made on any format and hard copy. To ensure a professional end product, we use Adobe Premier, Adobe After, Sony Vegas Pro, Final Cut Pro, Media Composer, Boris, and some other editing software in their latest versions. Our service and behavior are always personal but professional, before and after the event.



Our services include


- High quality commercial videos
- Corporate Video
- Company Profiles, Event Videos and Inserts
- DVD and Comprehensive Videos for Training
- Offline and Online video editing
- Animation of the logo
- Visual effects (2D and 3D)
- DVD creation
- DVD duplication
- Video quality correction
- Changing format
- Online publication
- Video transfer from tapes to DVD, from DVD to tapes (VHS, Mini DV ...)


video production and web design video editing Video editing Camera Operator


Wedding and commemorative events:

Interpoles Agency will take care of your event and offer you a professional job. You can trust Interpoles Agency to capture the beauty, joy and romance of your special day in an elegant classic style. We will advise you and work together on your personal budget, ensuring that you are satisfied with beautiful memories for life.
Investing on Video and Photo for your event will give you the opportunity to remember romantic, ceremonial, fashion, comic scenes, speeches and parties enjoyed by special people you choose to share your event day with.
We film in 8K, 6K, 4K, HD, HDV, STANDARD FORMAT and the output can be on the same formats or on Blu-ray, Digital Standard or DVD for the hard copies. To ensure a professional end product, we use Adobe Premier, Adobe After, Sony Vegas Pro, Final Cut Pro, Media Composer, Boris, and some other editing software in their latest versions. Our service and behaviour are always personal but professional, before and after the event.


Music Production


We have an updated audio recording studio that meets the criteria of the professional standard. We produce independent artists, bands, chorales and other traditional orchestras that come to be produced in our studio. We produce all styles of music, all genres, from programming, mixing, mastering to the end products. Whether you want to do any work in the studio, you will find our service and our advice in first class.

Here are some practical tips in choosing a recording studio:


Sound Engineer

The more the engineer is experienced, the more your work will end successfully; the experience of your engineer will have a great impact on the final sound of your project than any other factor.

Available Materials

Do not always be distracted by the quantity and size of materials in a studio, probably not all will be useful for your project. According to the studies made by the experts, there is a great problem of compatibility between the brands of instruments and sound equipment which plays a very important role in the quality and stability of a recording studio. It is true that a studio that has good equipment is favorite in the conquest of sound but the quantity is not necessarily the quality and also, you can have quality equipment but you need a good "setup" and especially, experience. If you give good equipment to a poor engineer, expect a mediocre sound but a good engineer can work well even with modest equipment.


For the moment, a good recording studio must use Protools, Cubase, Reason, Wavelab, Izotop in their updated versions; all these software are useful for the image of your recording studio, but it all depends on who uses them.


Graphic design


Start a business or launch a new product? Promote an activity, an event or a brand? Our graphic designers can help you realize a professional graphic presentation in brand, logo, poster and others. Good design attracts, it is a marketing tool, not only by being useful and "attractive", but more and more to the interest that the company gives to the concept "Design" in an online and offline environment. We offer a holistic approach to brand communication; these extensions include colour harmony, pantone colours, photographic style, typography and master imaging. This is where we would be useful in Corporate Logo Design, Business Cards, Brochure Design, Printing Adverts, Posters, Forms, Service Cards, Billboard, Flyers and other graphic presentations. We print on any kind of material; paper, fabrics, plastic, metal, etc. Our specialized graphic designers provide a thoughtful, intelligent and engaging graphic design that elevates your brand image, earns you respect in the market and attracts your targeted customers.


Web design


web designer digital marketing web development social media


In terms of website design, we are a reliable team of experts, our website designers are professionals with an updated programming knowledge. Having a well-developed website broadens your influence online successfully. Designing a well-done business website is an essential asset for your business. Thousands of people access the internet as their primary means of information resource, so it's essential that your business has a meaningful online presence to connect with thousands of people or businesses that are in need of your service and, this greatly improves the exposure of your brand and increases the business. Use our website design services and expertise to strategically build a website that achieves optimal visibility with a choice of audience appropriate to the context of the targeted market.


Our professional web designers use the information we gathered during the research phase to start planning your website. This phase includes the creation of site maps and wire frames. The site maps will show the structure of the website, while the wire frames will help in the planning of the content on the pages. It is important that a strong wired framework is established so that the correct content and copy can be generated.


The target audience, corporate identity and any existing artistic direction of your brand will play a key role in the outcome of designing your corporate website. It is important to realize that website design is moulded by developed content and wireframes, as this ensures a dynamically flexible design with a strict call for action.


Once your design is signed, it is the process of activating life throughout the project. We code websites using the latest web standard to ensure that sites work as they should and are easily readable and indexed by search engines. Our website development includes content management systems where possible, so that customers can take control of their own content.